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Routine inspections and maintenance for your building systems are extremely important for disaster prevention and overall health and safety. Being proactive rather than reactive will save you considerable amounts of time, stress and money. EAMA offers commercial maintenance plans to ensure small problems don’t become big ones – clients should have their building systems running optimally 24/7.

Ensuring that your building systems are running optimally leads to a number of noteworthy benefits:

  • A significant reduction in energy consumption – this leads to…

  • Lower operating costs – if your building is running optimally, you could experience a 50% reduction in your utility bill.

  • Risk reduction – by having regular maintenance checks, the risk of undergoing a major disaster is reduced to nearly 0.

  • Improved air quality – you will be providing a comfortable, healthy working environment for your people every day of the week.

  • Significant discounts on repairs – you will be paying at least 40% less for service calls and repairs.

For more information about EAMA's maintenance programs, please don't hesitate to contact us at 416 798 2006 or leave a message in our chat box.

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