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We're proud to announce that we've partnered with Demtroys Technology, an up-and-coming company based out of Quebec that is redefining the way property managers look at energy management. We will now be offering installations of Demtroys' award-winning Green Vision Thermostat, and look forward to ushering in a new wave of effective, efficient, and affordable heating, cooling, and ventilation services.


Demtroys' smart system operates on 5 key principles:

Through these principles, Demtroys aims to reduce costs from the largest portion of an energy bill, equaling approximately 65-85% of an average gas bill and 50-65% of an average hydro bill. Their system also does not rely on Internet of Things (IOT) to run, allowing it to operate without need for a stable WiFi connection.


Industrial Building


One of the primary ways Demtroys optimizes its energy solutions is by separating a building into different zones. Different parts of a building require different levels of heating and ventilation, and by separating a property into zones, Demtroys can more accurately pinpoint where to direct the bulk of a building’s energy to maximize efficiency.

Who Is Demtroys?

Established in 2010 by entrepreneur Jean-Sebastien Cyr, Demtroys is a research and development company focused on building hardware and software solutions for energy management. Focusing predominantly on the owners and managers of rental properties and retirement homes, Demtroys has distinguished themselves as a pioneer within the industry, winning the first national prize at the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest after only one year of business. Since then, the team has won accolades at the Gala Reconnaissance Estrie 2015, in addition to being crowed in the Sustainable Development Innovation category at the Eastern Townships Environmental Excellence Awards gala.
At EAMA, we pride ourselves on partnering with the very best in the industry, and we’re excited to revolutionize the way properties are heated through the Demtroys system. Drop us a line today at 416-798-2006 or leave a message in our chat box and see how EAMA and Demtroys are revolutionizing peace of mind for property managers.
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