When starting a new electrical project, quality, code-compliant processes are very important for its success. EAMA has an experienced team of electricians ready to get your project done on time and on budget.

EAMA has the expertise to complete your electrical installations safely and professionally. 



Repair projects tend to be urgent - EAMA offers electrical emergency services around the clock. 

As soon as you switch to energy-efficient lighting, you’ll be seeing a significant reduction in operating costs.

Aerial bucket trucks are necessary for any areas that are hard to reach or unsafe for ladders - EAMA has bucket trucks that reach up to 60 feet above ground.

EAMA is qualified to work on new construction projects, and is trusted in both public and private sectors.
Aside from regular maintenance calls, EAMA offers maintenance programs that keep your electrical systems running optimally and will save you money. 

EAMA offers the following electrical services:

  • Repair and execution of building electricity

  • Repair and execution of electrical wiring and duct wiring of the building

  • Repair and execution of electrical connection of the building

  • Reconstruction and renovation of wiring and electrical wiring of the building

  • Cabling and troubleshooting

  • Repair and replacement of electrical fuse, miniature switch, fuse box, and electrical panel of the building

  • Installation of light and heavy chandeliers

  • Installation and replacement of lighting, LED, halogen, bi-metal, fluorescent and solar, lamps, and hinge

  • Installation and replacement of switch sockets, dimmers, photocells, and other electrical accessories

  • Installation, repair, and adjustment of stair motion sensors, parking and etc.

If you would like to speak to one of our electrical experts, please don't hesitate to contact us at 416-798-2006, or, leave a message in our chat box
ECRA/ESA# 7014153