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Is It Worth Getting The Boiler Serviced?

Updated: Feb 16

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When do you service your boiler? Have you ever serviced your boiler yet? Do you know the maintenance tips for keeping the boiler safe? Boilers are in different types, the steam boiler and the gas boiler. They need to be serviced annually. Today in this article we are going to gather different reasons why an annual boiler service is necessary and important.

When to service your boiler?

We have prepared for you a checklist that shows when you need to check and service the boiler. If you have a “yes” answer to the following part, then you need to do something about your boiler and heating system.

  • The flame in the boiler is irregular

  • The boiler flame is yellow

  • High-limit thermostat

  • The boiler overheats or refills regularly

  • The water pressure drops

  • Flue effectiveness

  • It’s been a year or more since the last service

Why do you need to service a boiler?

Saving money in the long run

If we service the steam boiler and the gas boiler regularly, it will reduce the expenses in the long run. You may think that you pay some expenses for servicing a boiler, but remember that this action will have good benefits. Boiler malfunction causes higher expenses for the house owners. The future expenses for energy bills will remarkably decreased by the routine services.

The age of your boiler and heating system will determine the efficiency of that. If a professional engineer ensures you that the boiler works properly, there is no need for any replacement or repair. The steam boiler or the gas boiler repair and servicing mostly overlooked and does not considered serious by the house owners. When something goes wrong or broken down, then they try to fix it. It is totally important to have annual boiler servicing to detect minor issues before they become a big problem.

Finding the problem and fix it before it gets worth

Routine service and repair will reduce the costs in future repairs. When an appliance in the home is not used for a long period of time, a minor problem very soon becomes a big problem and the house owner must pay more for the repair. Scheduled servicing or repair makes the functionality and the efficiency of the boiler and the heating system higher.

Keep your heating system safe

Regular boiler service will ensure you that it is running efficiently and safely. The boiler’s malfunction in some cases can be very dangerous. For instance, the carbon monoxide can be poisoning the surrounding air. If you service the gas and steam boiler regularly, you can save your family and home safe.

home steam boiler

Gas and steam boiler service involves:

The engineer must check the following checklist to get ensured that the boiler work properly:

  • Flame sense device and whether it operates correctly

  • Pilot burner and any cables and probes

  • High-limit thermostat

  • Boiler operation

  • Provision of adequate ventilation

  • Flue effectiveness

  • Heating controls

  • Electrical wiring connections

  • Location of the boiler and nearby combustible materials

  • Gas and pressure flow

  • Safety devices

  • Seals

How long does a regular boiler service take time?

If you annually check your gas or steam boiler and heating system, then it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes! If your boiler is broken down and damaged, then it takes much more time for a simple checkup.

You may now have a question, what is the best time to check the boiler? The engineers would suggest an annual service and checkup. It is mostly recommended at least once a year to service your boiler before an important problem happens. Eama is one of the predominant companies in Canada that offers mechanical services in Toronto. It also covers the cities like: Peel, Mississauga, Halton, Oakville, and Brampton. If you have any problem with the Heating system installation and repair, call Eama.

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