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How Do You Take Care Of Electrical Appliances?

Updated: Sep 20

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How do you care about your home appliances? What do you do to make the appliances have a longer lifespan? Home appliances and devices need maintenance and repair. Electrical appliances require more caution. They will last longer if we take care of them more carefully. Each electrical appliance has a different way of maintenance. Today we are going to give you some tips on how to take care of your home appliances.

Electrical appliances have their own instruction book. If you have lost that, Don’t worry. Search your brand or manufacturer on the net, find the model number of your appliance, and make a request for a new one. The model number stamped on your appliance. But if you still have it, that would be easier. Open the book and study that very carefully. Try the tips that have been given by the manufacturer.

Sometimes after doing or reviewing everything, still you have a problem. By this time, you may want to ask for help. You can call Eama. Eama is 24 hours at service and will help you right at the moment you wish. Call Eama when you demand mechanical or electrical services in Toronto without hesitation.

Sometimes there is a problem in a particular circuit. For caring for your home appliances, you must use fuses that are designed to cut off electric power when there is trouble. By just doing this little task, you have done a great job to protect home electrical devices. Fuses have an interesting mechanism. They contain a little metal wall box. When an electric circuit is overloaded, a strip of soft metal melts in the fuse, thus interrupting the flow of electricity.

Overloading a circuit will cause blown fuses. If this happens, you must unscrew the broken fuse and replace it with a new one. It is an easy job, just like changing an electric bulb. Before you change the fuse, make sure that you have bought the same amperage. If you can’t fix the problem, call an electrician rapidly.


The refrigerator is one of the most important home appliances in the kitchen. For taking care of this device you must clean condenser coils. The refrigerator gets out of the heat by coils and makes your food cold. During the months and years that you use refrigerator dust and another debris latch on the coils. This makes the refrigerator work harder and the motor gets hotter. For cleaning the coils, just take a vacuum with a brush, go over the coils and get all the dirt and dust.

In a refrigerator, there is another important part that you must pay attention to. A rubber seal is along the door’s edge that keeps the warm air out. If the rubber seal gets old and cracking, the warm air can go to the refrigerator and it cannot make the foods cold. If your rubber seal needs to be changed or repaired, very soon do it.

Home appliance  repair

Air conditioner:

The Air-conditioning system has two main parts, condenser, and evaporator coils. The condenser is a big loud box that contains a huge fan. It has placed outside of the house. Evaporator coils sit above the furnace where the HVAC system is. You can remove the cover panel and inspect the evaporator coils and fins. At this time, you will face two situations. If there is dirt, you can easily vacuum it. But if there is ice, that would be different and you must call a technician or professional to come and repair. The condenser also must be free of debris. You can clean the radiator fins outside and inside by hosting down. If you want to access the inside, you should take off the fan. The fan can be taken off by just removing a few screws. Do not hide the condenser by any bushes, lattices, or shades. It must be free and the wind should blow all around that.

Water heater:

There are a couple of things that you must check on a water heater: pressure relief valve and dip tube inside the tank. Both of them are important. Hot water always creates excess pressure inside of the water heater that the pressure relief valve controls. Mineral and calcium buildup inside the valve does not let the valve to get open when it needs to. You must open the valve sometimes to prevent that kind of buildup.

The dip tube inside the tank forces water to get down to the bottom of the water heater to get heated. If you don’t check and change the dip at a regular time, it may break apart. In this situation, cold water remains at the top of the tank near the water outlet. If the heating elements working properly but you do not have hot water, the problem must be the dip. You must replace it to have hot water again.

Heating elements are for heating up water. They can easily burn out so do not leave the

water heater without water.

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