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What Are The Tools Used In Electrical Installation And Maintenance?

Updated: Sep 20

electrical tools

Every electrician has a tool belt that equipped with many electrical tools. The technician needs special tools for being safe while working with electricity. They do their work and rely on tools for accuracy, resiliency, well being, and safety. Electrical tools divided into different groups such as high-tech electrical tools, electrical tools for staying safe, and basic electrical maintenance tools. In the following part, we will introduce the most important electrical tools.

electrical tools for being safe

High-Tech Electrical Tools

Circuit Analyzers

Circuit Analyzers is one of the most important and practical electrical tools that give information about the circuit connected to an individual outlet. It also has another efficiency, too. They measure line voltage, reversals, polarity, and voltage. It is the first tool that each technician carries with.

Circuit Finders

If electricians want to recognize which outlet connected to which circuits, they use a circuit finder. Each circuit has two main components called a handheld digital transmitter and a small receiver that plugs into the device. They incorporated into the device. The technician holds the transmitter to the circuit in the breaker to find out which circuit belongs to which outlet. If the device sends the signal to the receiver, it means that the circuit belongs to the outlet.

Electrical Tools For Staying Safe

Safety Glasses

Electricians always examining electrical wiring and operating power tools. In order to protect their eyes, they must wear glasses. Everybody that works in this field including apprentices, seasoned veterans, and technicians must wear special glasses and take with themselves everything that keeps them safe.

Rescue Rod/Hook

In dangerous and hazardous areas, electricians must carry rescue Rod/Hook. It prevents them from being electrocuted. The emergency first-responder from getting electrocuted is the use of a rescue rod.

Flame Retardant Work Shirt

If electricians want to protect themselves from dangerous arc flashes, electrocutions, and fires, they must wear fire-resistant shirts. These shirts are designed for skilled and trained electricians to keep them safe from serious burn injuries.

electrical maintenance tools

Basic Electrical Maintenance Tools


Cutting pliers or lineman pliers are the most popular tools among electricals tools. For straightening wires, twisting, bending and gripping technicians use pliers. Any prepared electrician holds an array of pliers in his toolbox, including needle nose pliers, side-cutting pliers, and reaming pliers.


Electricians for fasting and loosening various things need a variety of screwdrivers. Screwdrivers are one of the neediest and necessary tools that they must carry it with themselves. Nowadays technicians never stuck without the proper electrical maintenance tool because they carry versatile and adaptable screwdrivers with interchangeable bits.


When electricians want to install a new light fixture or find the best points for placement, the level will help them. The level helps electricians to ensure fixtures, screws and other installations are in the best place that they can be. The electrician's tool belt is not complete without a standard level.

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