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How To Disconnect A Dishwasher?

Updated: Sep 20

Disconnecting a dishwasher

Disconnecting a dishwasher, sounds easy or hard? Have you ever tried to remove or disconnect a dishwasher at home? There are some tasks that you must do: disconnecting the water, power connections, and also hardware bracketing that holds the dishwasher in place. Disconnecting a dishwasher seems difficult to most non-professional people, but today in Eama we are going to explain to you the easiest way to disconnect a dishwasher. Stay with us!

What do you need to disconnect the dishwasher?

For disconnecting the dishwasher you need channel-lock pliers and screwdrivers. These are the most handy and useful tools that we all have at home. Before disconnecting a dishwasher, disconnect the water and power connections. Unplug the dishwasher from the wall outlet. It is normally located under the sink.

In some cases, the dishwasher connection is not as easy as we have explained a few lines above. For disconnecting the dishwasher, you should turn off the circuit breaker. Then it is time for disconnecting the circuit wires that are inside the dishwasher's wire connection panel. The panel is at the lower front of the appliance. Here is an important tip: If you have no electrical experience, please leave this task to a professional.

Close off the water:

The next step for disconnecting the dishwasher is shutting off the water's valve. This valve is normally under the kitchen sink. It is attached to the hot water pipe. In rare instances, the dishwasher is plumbed without a fixture shutoff. In this situation, you should turn down the home's main water valve.

Disconnect the water supply:

There are two pipes that are connected to the dishwasher. Before disconnecting the dishwasher you should disconnect these two. The pipes are a part of the plumbing system. The first one is the water supply tube, which is made from plastic or copper. It has been covered with wire mesh that runs from the dishwasher location to the fixture shutoff valve. By the channel-lock pliers, you can disconnect the dishwasher supply tube from the outlet on the shutoff valve. It would be a double-outlet valve since it controls hot water for both the sink faucet and the dishwasher. There must be a single outlet valve, too.

If your dishwasher is plumbed without any fixture shutoff valve, for disconnecting, you need only unhooking the compression fitting or coupling nut. The coupling nut connects the dishwasher's water supply tube to the hot water pipe.

Disconnect the drain line:

There is also a drain line that is attached to the plumbing system. Trace the rubber hose that is coming from the dishwasher. It may detach to the air gap that is installed to the sink or countertop. lose the clip or clamp that holds the hose to the air gap and disconnect it. On the other hand, the drain hose may get finished at a nipple fitting on the food disposer or sink drain tailpiece. Detach it completely in order to disconnect the dishwasher.

Open the Mounting brackets:

The dishwasher installers usually detach the dishwasher to the bottom of the countertop above the dishwasher by some metal mounting brackets. Before disconnecting the dishwasher, open its door. Find the brackets if existed, then open the screws to detach the dishwasher.

Lower the dishwasher's height:

If you want to bring out the dishwasher, you should lower its height by unscrewing the legs. First of all, remove the faceplate that is on the lower part of the dishwasher face. Then you will see the dishwasher's legs. Twist the threaded legs clockwise. Lower the dishwasher's height as low as possible. An acceptable space must be between the top of the dishwasher and the bottom of the countertop.

Remove the dishwasher:

Pulling the dishwasher straight forward very carefully. Ask somebody to pull the drain hose and water supply after you. To avoid scratching the floor, lift slightly as you pull the dishwasher out of the cabinet. Now the cabinet is ready for new dishwasher installation!

If you have any problem with removing and installing a dishwasher or any other home appliances, please call Eama. Eama is of the best companies in Canada that offers plumbing and plumbing services in Brampton, Halton, Mississauga, Toronto, and Peel. We will offer 24 hours services. So do not hesitate to contact us.

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