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Is It Safe To Cover A Radiator?

Updated: Sep 20

cover a radiator

Do you cover a radiator at home? What do you think about covering a radiator? Is it safe to cover a radiator or does it have any advantages? Around this question, there are both positive and negative answers. Some people agree with and some others don’t. Each person has his point of view. Some say that radiators do not have a good appearance and they make the environment ugly. So they prefer to cover the radiators. In modern houses, radiator covers improve aesthetic appearance. Some others announced that radiator cover increases heat efficiency.

Why should we cover a radiator?

There are some important reasons that a radiator should have a cover. The most important reason is protecting yourself and your family from any burn. We all may have kids or pets at home. In order to protect them from any harmful situation, we can cover a radiator. Radiators when start to run, get really hot. Pets or animals may attempt to touch that so it would be dangerous for them.

Sometimes radiators do not work properly. They shoot off large jets of steam. The cover of the radiator can block them to some extent. Some other items at home like Walls, floors, and drapes can have a longer timespan if we cover the radiator. The cover blocks heat and moisture so the performance and longevity of items that we mentioned will be different.

Some technicians say that when the radiator has a cover, it can distribute the heat better. Since the radiator has a cover with the proper backing, the backing pushes heat away from the wall and the lid reflects heat away from the top. In this situation, the heat that would otherwise go directly to the ceiling is pushed towards the level of the living area. Some researches have shown that there are some differences up to four degrees between the lower and higher spaces of the room.

cover a radiator benefits

What is a standard cover for the radiator?

Each cover must have some features that we call a standard and good cover:

  • The cover of the radiator must be large enough to fit all the way around the unit

  • It must have a good appearance that adds some beauty to the environment

  • It shouldn’t have gaps or holes in the design so the children may get successful to touch the radiator

  • A good cover contains a reflective back that goes into the room instead of being absorbed into a wall

  • The lid should be strong enough to hold heavy items without buckling

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