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What Is The Cheapest Lighting To Run?

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

cheapest lighting

How do you choose the cheapest lighting to run? In just a couple of years ago, you didn’t have any options except incandescent bulbs for interior lighting at home. Nobody cares for energy and saving money. You just went to the hardware store and picked up the lights based on their wattage and brightness. Today people and scientists care more about energy efficiency and saving budgets.

Today technology helps this dream to become true. Nowadays we have light bulbs named LEDs and CFLs that are replaced incandescent bulbs. These new light bulbs not only last longer but also are more energy-efficient. In the first years of inventions, LED light bulbs were so expensive but currently they are cheaper than any other electric light bulb. At the year of 2014, incandescent bulbs were banned to sell. They are phased out because they didn’t last very much and they have used a lot of energy.

When you want to have any lighting installation, first of all, you think about the cost. You may search for the cheapest lighting system. In the following parts, we discuss the LED and CFL lights. You can read and then make a decision which one to choose because there are other facts besides costs that you should pay attention to.

What is the difference between CFLs and LEDs light bulbs?


CFLs or compact fluorescent lights work in a different way from incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs run an electric current through a wire filament and they put off a warm glow. But CFLs drive the electric current through a tube. This tube equipped with argon and mercury vapor. This mechanism resulted in ultraviolet light that rapidly converted to visible light. CFLs use 70% lesser energy than incandescent bulbs. They also last longer than these old bulbs.

There are some downsides about CFLs, too. CFLs take a few moments to warm up and get full brightness. They are not good for dark stairways and places that you want lots of light as you flip the switch. You cannot use a dimmer switch with them, too. Modern CFLs light bulbs contain a very small amount of mercury. It can be harmful to both health and the environment so do not put them in your regular household trash.


LEDs or light-emitting diodes are somehow new to the world of technology. LEDs have an interesting mechanism. They bring both negative and positive currents together. They create energy and then transfer it to the light. This light can be dimmed, it is reliable and instantaneous.

What makes LEDs different from CFLs? LEDs light bulbs last five times longer than any other light bulbs. It means that they last from 20.000 to 50.000 hours in any environment. Efficiency and durability make the LEDs the cheapest lighting system. They have a very good price and they also use little energy. They save both energy and your money.

cheapest lighting to run in Toronto

Comparing CFLs and LEDs cost:

When people want to change their light bulbs, first of all, they pay attention to the cost and prices. But there are some other points that you should pay attention to. The final cost isn’t just the price of the bulb. How many years a bulb can operate and how much energy it uses, should also be counted. Efficient- energy light bulbs sometimes at first cost more than any other option but over the years, they save you more money. A little more pay today lead to substantial savings in long run. Buying one quality bulb is less expensive than cheaper ones that do not last very much. If you want to have the cheapest lighting system, pay attention to all the aspects.

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