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A Guide To Boiler Servicing

Updated: Sep 20

boiler servicing

When does your boiler need to be serviced? Is there any recommendation to keep the boiler safe and efficient? We have different kinds of heating systems, and also different kinds of boilers. Some people all around the world still use oil-fired systems, but they are not that popular these days. Boilers are very dangerous and just a professional engineer or installer can service them. Today in Eama we are going to prepare you a brief guide for boiler servicing.

Although each company releases its recommendation and guidelines on their boiler maintenance and servicing, we are not that qualified to repair the boiler. There is hot water, hot steam, and other dangerous issues that do not allow us to start repairing a Boiler. In these situations, you can call Eama. Eama Is one of the best companies that offers Mechanical Services in Toronto with its professional team.

What is a boiler service?

When we install a boiler and heating systems, we will receive a warranty card. This card guarantee that the boiler is going to work for a period of time that in most cases, it is something around 18 months. But what can we do after the warranty card is terminated? For sure the prevention is better than any other action.

The boiler must be serviced at least every 12 months to prevent any breakdown or potential risks. If you want to be ensured that your boiler or heating system will work properly for the long run, book a qualified engineer to check them.

Why do we need a boiler service?

Annual and regular checking will result in better boiler function. You won’t be surprised by the boiler breakdown if you check it in regular times before an important malfunction happen. If you have just changed your home, you can find the companies to come and check the home’s heating system. There are companies that have websites online and you just by some clicks can find them.

Many people wait until a considerable problem happens, but dear my friend, this is not rational and good. In most cases, the problem will be solved if it is found very soon by a professional expert. In addition to that, the cost of repairing is also reduced compared to the situation that the boiler needs to be replaced.

boiler servicing in Toronto

What does a boiler service involve?

The manufacturer‘s instruction always must be accessible to the engineer since it is an important reference. This instruction will help to better find the best equipment and ways to repair the boiler. If you have not gotten the instruction, you can easily download it from the manufacture‘s website.

  • There are some issues that an engineer or technician that should check:

  • Checking the fuse rating of the boiler to work properly

  • Checking the boiler case both internally and externally for any water leaking or corrosion

  • Cleaning the boiler’s heat exchanger, burner, and condensate trap based on the manufacture ‘instruction

  • Checking the boiler’s gas burner pressure and gas rate

  • Checking the boilers flames and controlling the flue-gas analysis test

  • Checking the ventilation requirements of the boiler

  • Doing the boiler’s smoke and flue-flow test if the boiler is of an open-flued type

  • Checking the boiler’s safety devices to work properly, for instance, boiler’s connecting pipes or leaking of the gas

When the boiler is serviced, the engineer checks the heating system to work appropriately. Then he may suggest you something like installing a monoxide carbon alarm or regular servicing. You are totally free to accept or deny. In most cases, the guarantees or warranties will be ended in one year. You personally must pay the expenses, so it would better to check the heating system regularly to reduce the costs.

Who can service a boiler?

Since working with boilers and heating system are very dangerous, only a specialist or an engineer can fix and repair the boiler. If you have a gas-powered system at home, you can book an engineer with a gas-safe certificate. The mechanism of gas-powered and oil-fired heating systems are totally different. The certificate must be up to date, so please look at the date of that. You can also check the gas-safe register card on the internet.

The engineer who is working with an oil-fired system must have a certificate called Oftec. This card is equal to the gas-safe certificate. A person who has this card means that he has passed training courses based on worldwide standards.

What is the best time for servicing a boiler?

As we have mentioned before, you should check the boiler every year for preventing any breakdown or dangerous issues. In summer, the engineers and companies that offer mechanical services are free and have more time.

If you are willing to check the boiler in summer, you can do it before the winter. Remember to do it before the weather gets cold and windy. Be sure that your boiler is fixed and works properly.

boiler repair

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