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Boiler Services In Toronto

Updated: Mar 1

boiler service

What do you do when your boiler has broken down? Heating systems are complicated and delicate. When there is a problem with the small part, the whole system would not work as it should be. Some parts may need cleaning, repairing, or even replacing. Boilers and heating systems are dangerous and only professional engineers can repair them. Especially when there is an emergency situation. These mechanical and electrical services must be done by the companies that have a special license. An engineer that comes to service your boiler must have a Gas Safe certificate, too.

Regular maintenance and checkups will result in better performance of the boiler. Sometimes the old radiators and boilers do not have a good efficiency, so the house owners decide to replace the boiler with a new one. This new system must be energy efficient to decrease the expenses we pay over getting our home warm each month.

Boiler’s repair:

If your boiler is broken down and needs repair, please take a look at the different models of repair that we have prepared:

Part replacement: sometimes the boiler would work properly again by just a small part replacement. Boilers are in different brands and models. Finding the best and exact part of the boiler to be replaced is the art of the boiler’s service companies. Eama will replace the parts that are broken down with the best material. These replacements always contained with costumer’s satisfaction since they have guarantees.

Boiler inspection and cleaning: our inspection involves: heat exchangers, burners, exterior cabinets, operating pressures, temperatures, gas pressure, relief valves, gas leaks, and carbon monoxide. We also check venting, auto feeds, backflow preventers, expansion tanks, and low water cut off.

Complete boiler replacement: all household appliances have an expiration date and, we don’t expect they work ever after. Sometimes the cost for the boiler’s service is more than replacing and installing a new heating system. Eama’s team is professional to replace a boiler with an energy-efficient and new one. You may pay more when replacing your existing boiler, but if the boiler is energy efficient, you will save more in the long run.

boiler replacement service

Boiler’s replacement:

Eama offers boiler installation services of popular boiler models. The boilers must be energy efficient and increase the energy efficiency of your home or commercial building. Boiler installation options include wall-mounted units that free up space.

Combi boilers: combi boilers are energy-efficient and space-saving. They will heat both the home and the water supply. Besides, these kinds of boilers have increased efficiency up to 50% according to the client’s opinion.

Condensing boilers: condensing boilers recover the gas that has been lost. These wasted gasses travel through a heat exchanger, and the captured heat is used to pre-warm the cool water returning from your radiators. This makes the boiler more efficient and saves you energy.

Modulating boilers: modulating boilers are different from others. these kinds of boilers have five separate settings. The others have just an on/off setting. A modulating boiler can detect the heat of incoming water and adjust its settings to reduce fuel use when heating this water.

Eama is one of the best companies in Canada that offers radiator and mechanical services in Toronto. These services are boiler installation, repairing, and replacement for both commercial and residential heating systems. Of course, you may not like to pass the cold winter of Canada without any radiator and heating system. With Eama’s repair, replacement, inspection, and maintenance services stay warm during the winter.

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