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What Profession Fixes Boilers?

Updated: Sep 20

boiler repair

What do you do when your boiler breaks down? Do you call a plumber or heating engineer? These two roles are different but at the same time, they have some similarities. The boiler equipped with lots of pipes, so when there is a problem, do you call a plumber to come and fix the boiler or heating engineer? Stay with Eama to find the answer.

Some kinds of boilers work with gas, the only person who can fix them is one who has a gas safe registered engineer card. This certificate shows that the technician is qualified enough to repair and fix a gas fuel boiler. The services must be offered with the highest quality and base on the standards. Make sure that the engineer has got the gas safe certificate.

Plumbers are qualified in their profession, too. They can also get different certificates and plumping qualifications. For working as a plumber there is no need for formal certifications. Anyone that has an interest in this field can learn plumbing easily just by working with a professional plumber. Of course, plumbers are experienced to repair leaky pipes, dripping taps, and dishwasher installation, but they are not qualified to repair the gas boiler.

Between plumbers, there are also some people who have a gas safe certificate, too. Check the plumber’s certificate, before allowing him to work. As we have mentioned before, this kind of certificate is so important. This card tells you that this person has trained special courses, and passed essential filters, to be qualified for repairing and fixing the boilers.

Heating system engineers are professional in domestic and commercial properties rather than working across the broader industry. They are more specialist in heating systems and also more familiar with the boiler’ issues. You may prefer to call them about your boiler’s problems.

Eama is one of the best companies that offer plumbing and mechanical services in Toronto. The team is qualified enough and has a Gas Safe certificate card. The plumbing services are also done by trained and professional plumbers. Contact us today to benefit from our central heating and boiler services.

boiler repair

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