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Boiler Installation Guide

Updated: Sep 20

boiler installation

We all know that boiler installation is a dangerous, and specialized task. There are different kinds of boilers. If you have a hesitation about which kind of boiler to choose, pay attention to your gas connection, hot water requirements, your free space, and the boiler’s efficiency. In most cases, house owners want the same boiler installation. The installation would be easier in these situations. But sometimes the efficiency of the boiler makes the owners change the boiler since they offer much more benefits.

What is the best boiler size for the house?

In the case of boiler installation, the engineer is the best adviser to suggest the most efficient boiler for the house. There are a couple of key considerations when choosing the right boiler size that we have gathered for you:

How much space do you have?

Since combi boilers do not require a hot water cylinder, they don’t occupy a large space. These kinds of boilers are a good option for small houses.

How much water do you use?

If you have a large family with high water usage, the conventional boilers are the best option for your house. Of course, studio and single bedroom apartments have less water usage. In these situations, the combi boilers are sufficient and efficient enough. Combi boilers are designed for lower water usage.

Where do you want the boiler to live?

Boilers can be installed in any room that has the correct pipework and you can position the flue correctly. It has been suggested by the engineers to install the boiler in the same place as the old one. Some house owners willing to install the boiler in the kitchen or cupboards.

Finding a safe boiler installer

When you have chosen your boiler, then you need a professional installer. Boiler installation is not an easy job and must be done by the engineer who has the Gas Safe certificate. Eama is one of the best companies in Canada that offers mechanical services in Toronto. The team is professional enough and has got the highest customer satisfaction. In the case of radiator, heating systems, and boilers installation, you can call Eama. Eama covers services in Peel, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, and Halton.

What to expect during the boiler installation?

A good boiler installer must:

  • Pass the training courses and have the Gas Safe certification

  • Cover the carpet and surfaces around the boiler

  • Bring the right material and maintenance

  • Pay attention to the legislation

  • Work with great concern

The engineer before installing a new boiler, check the house radiators, how many they are, how many bathrooms do you have, your water pressure, and the position of the current boiler.

If you have just changed your old boiler with the same new one, the work would be very easy. But sometimes the boiler is very old and the type does not exist anymore. In this situation, the boiler must be replaced with the new model. The boiler installation may take a longer time and of course, would be more complicated and difficult.

boiler installation cost

What happens after the boiler installation?

The company that offers mechanical services and boiler installation must guarantee the service. The guarantees are very base on the brand and the companies. Before any ordering check the guarantee card and the services that are included in it. If you are not satisfied with the engineer’s boiler installation, call the company. They must present you with the best services by hiring a new engineer without any new cost. If you have hired an engineer with a Gas Safe certificate, there is no need for worries.

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