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What Is A Boiler And How Does It Work?

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A boiler is a water-containing vessel equipped with different pipes and converts water to steam and heat. A boiler transfers a fuel source for example oil, gas, and coal to the steam. This steam is used to run production equipment, sterilize, heat, and steam clean. Again the steam converts back into the form of water because the energy that has been given is big enough. There are different models of closed systems like the one-pipe system, closed steam heating, and hot water heating. Sometimes the condensate does not return back to the boiler, we call this system an open system. In some cases, it is not good to feed the condensate back into the boiler since some processes can contaminate the steam.

Different types of boilers:

There are two types of boilers that are more popular, fire tube and water tube.

A fire-tube is a boiler that the fire or hot gases are directed through the inside of tubes within the boiler shell, which are surrounded by water. The gases can be passed through the boiler up to 4 times before passing out the stack since the tubes are arranged in banks. Fire tube boilers are also known as shell boiler. They can produce up to 25.000 lbs or 750 hp of steam per hour. This kind of boiler is the most popular boiler that we can say 80% of boilers in use are of this configuration.

Another type of boiler is a water tube boiler. A water tube boiler contains a tube of water, the hot gases or fire are directed to and around the outside of the tube. This kind of boiler usually has two or three drums and they are rectangular. The bottom drum is for collecting the sludge and the top drum is where the separation of water and steam happens. This heating system is used when there is a need for hundred thousand lbs or more than 750 hp of steam per hour.

Which type of fuels do boilers use?

The process of burning a fuel source is called combustion. To get the thing that you want a fuel source, heat, and oxidizing agent must exist. Each boiler is designed to use and burn a specific fuel or heat source. The fuel is burned inside the boiler to generate the heat and it is the most important aspect in this process of providing heat.

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There are different types of sources that can be used in boilers:

One of the most popular fuel is coal. Coal is turned to power for getting burned more easily in comparison to traditional bricks. It is a standard fuel source that is used in industrial boilers.

Propane or natural gas is a fuel that is used in gas-fired boilers while oil-fired boilers do use gasoline or petroleum-based fluid.

There is another kind of fuel that is called Electric. Believe or not Electric is a heat source in some boilers. There are both heating coils and electrode units. Electrode type applications need very high water quality to work properly and they are used for small and commercial targets. They need special maintenance since cleaning the insulators to prevent arcing between the electrodes.

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